Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beyond Crisis

This afternoon we had a lemonade stand to raise money for kids fighting cancer but this morning I was having flashbacks to Malia’s diagnosis day.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY. I miss her... even 3 1/2 years after saying goodbye.  And when I miss her I remember the battle she fought so well, and I think of the families fighting right now.  They live in a state of constant vigilance- waiting for the next crisis which can come at any time.  

We met some friends while living in the world of pediatric cancer that had a daughter in the fight (with a 3 YEAR treatment plan)  who is now is done with treatment and doing well.  Then her brother was diagnosed with cancer less than a year after she was done with treatment and he got an unexpected trip in an ambulance yesterday.  Praise God he is now stable, but I remember that feeling of crisis so well... in fact even though we don’t have a child with cancer anymore (thank God Malia is HEATHY and STRONG in heaven right now), cancer still is part of our thoughts often.  

Madi woke up with abdominal pain this morning, and the look of pain and fear in her eyes was so familiar.  I had to talk myself down... it’s not cancer... it’s just a normal kid thing... she’s fine... and I had almost convinced myself until we got to the doctors office and the flashbacks started- the same place we went when Grace had abdominal pain... when I had been trying to convince myself she was just fine too.  Good news, the doctor is confident Madi is fine, but I’m a mom who’s lived through childhood cancer and I will never be the same.  I worry more than I should and I pray often for protection for my girls against little tiny freaked out cells in their bodies dividing more than they’re supposed to.  

Madi worries more than she should too.  She asks a lot of questions about cancer in kids.  She wants to help families like ours and is participating in a triathlon on August 2nd to raise money to help these families in the middle of the most frightening time of their lives.  This week I made cupcakes and Mae made signs and for 4 hours this evening she stood on the corner of our street and asked people to buy some lemonade and help kids like her sister.  She (with some help from her little sister Marissa and the neighbor boys) raised $296.00, and she feels so good about being a part of the support for these families.  Thank you so much to those of you who came out and gave so generously and shared your lives with us.  

There are way too many kids in the fight and if you wanted to come out for the fundraiser and couldn’t, would you consider a donation?  I hate asking for money.... I mean I HATE fundraising.  But here’s the thing- the Pinky Swear foundation is one that I know makes a difference because they helped us (and are still helping us by by offering support and giving us a way to pay it forward).  If you are in a position to help, I’ve included a link below to donate directly through The Pinky Swear Foundation in support of Madi and her triathlon.  The donation is tax deductible and will do wonderful things for local  kids.  They help cover mounting bills, create opportunities for families to spend quality time together during rough treatments, and give support at times it’s most needed.  Thanks in advance and please continue to pray for us.  We hide the tears well, but they are still present.  Life will never be the same, but it feels good to give. 

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